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Becoming a Geek – A Beginner’s Guide



Posted by Steve


The word “geek” actually has quite auspicious origins. The word was one time used interchangeably with “fool,” and even more auspiciously, GEEK is what they used to call performers who did freakish and disgusting acts…like biting the heads off of chickens and that kind of thing.

In recent years though, the word has evolved into a term used by the popular kids to make fun of the not-so-popular kids, and further into a badge of honor worn by computer enthusiasts and techno-nerds. The ultimate evolution has come about in recent years to include enthusiasts of nearly anything.

Personally, I use the term geek to describe anyone who is enthusiastic about one or two particular subjects and possesses extensive knowledge regarding the subjects about which he or she is enthusiastic.

It is for that reason that I proudly wear the badge “Geek.”

I tend to be enthusiastic about the world of superheroes and sci fi. This includes, but isn’t limited to, movies, comic books, television shows, and a certain saga that stands alone in the annals of my geekdom…a saga we call STAR WARS.

I guess the first thing one has to do on the road to becoming a geek is identify what kind of geek one wishes to be. There are sports geeks, TV geeks, comic book geeks, movie geeks, and any other type of geek you can think of.

For the purposes of this series, we will delve into and attempt to assist those who wish to become comic geeks or movie geeks.

So, (Monica) this is your first step into a larger world. Prepare to be quoting movies, rolling your eyes at people who are only familiar with comic book characters because of movies or cartoons, and potentially becoming annoying to all of your non-geek friends.

May I suggest for a little pre-becoming-a-geek preparation, read this article on how to be a geek and still have friends. Also, be ready to decide what you’re gonna geek out about…because that’s coming.

7 Responses to “Becoming a Geek – A Beginner’s Guide”

  1. Arkwulf Says:

    YOU’RE LETTING ALL OF OUR SECRETS OUT! You can’t do that…can he do that? He can’t do that…HE DID IT!

    Oh well…I guess more geeks isn’t necessarily a bad thing. IT’S A GREAT THING!

  2. tareq Says:

    “anyone who is enthusiastic about one or two particular subjects and possesses extensive knowledge regarding the subjects about which he or she is enthusiastic”

    so if i am enthusiastic about sports, and i have extensive knowledge regarding sports, would that make me a geek? no. it would make me a sports fan. we have to work on that definition a bit. otherwise, very good post.

  3. Bryan Says:

    Steve, Ive heard your obsessions with Star Wars over and over again. We need to see how far this obsession goes. I’m pretty sure a trivia contest needs to take place on Geek Out Loud.

  4. tareq Says:

    i agree. a trivia contest would be awesome.

  5. bighonkin Says:

    Hey Tareq…

    Change your screen name on here to “Mr. Critical.” A sports fan is different than a sports geek. A sports fan enjoys time with the friends watching a favorite sport or going to a game to spend a fun afternoon. A sports GEEK follows every sport with intense enthusiasm, can readily quote stats and scores of years worth of teams and games and while he or she may have a favorite team, it doesn’t matter who’s playing as long as it’s a sport.

  6. bighonkin Says:

    I welcome a Star Wars trivia thingie…but against whom? I’ll see what I can do.

  7. Mr. Critical. Says:

    ok. now i understand the difference between a sports fan and a sports geek. you were right, i was wrong. sorry.

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