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So….Civil War is Null and Void? Secret Invasion 3 Reviewed.



Posted by Steve

SecretInvasionPromoArt.jpgMarvel’s done it again. I don’t mean they’ve knocked a homerun. I mean…well, we’ll get there.

I was completely blown away with Secret Invasion #1 and #2.  In fact, I said as much in my reviews for those books.

I love the idea of all the super heroes, registered and non-registered having to finally set aside their differences and overpower this threat from outer space.   I love the idea that the threads of this story have been woven through so many other Marvel stories in the past few years.  I especially appreciated the fact that Joey Q and crew took the stance that Iron Man was NOT going to be a Skrull.  I liked the idea that Marvel was painting themselves into a corner with his actions and had to figure out a way to endear him to not only fans (which is apparently happening in his book) but also to hi compatriots in the Marvel U.

Of course, everyone thought the same thing when Spider-Man unmasked himself in front of national media.   Then, a deal with the Devil later, POOF!  Everyone doesn’t know that Peter Parker is Spidey…AND HE’S NOT MARRIED!!!! (And no one really knows how the whole Civil War thingie worked out for him)(It was kind of a mini-crisis)

However, I digress.

Issue #3 of Secret Invasion was almost something that belonged in one of the filler issues that the Avengers titles have become.  While I’m on that subject, let me do a quick overview of the crossover issues I’ve read in the ongoing monthlies.

There has been some really neat stuff in the Avengers titles, including a really neat Beast/Wonder Man team up that leaves the reader wondering who of the two is really a Skrull.   There was also a story that filled us in on some of the events right after that cool dinosaur attack in issue #2.   There have been some misses, but I am pretty excited about the storyline in The Incredible Hercules that is going to pit Hercules and a rag tag band of gods (yes…it IS a rag tag band of gods) against the Skrulls as they try to overthrow Earth’s deities.   That could be a fun.

But, I’m here to talk about issue #3.

I was, honestly, a little underwhelmed with this issue.  After the huge ending of issue #2 with the arrival of all of the Super Skrulls, I was really looking forward to what was coming.  I didn’t expect the heroes to pull together, I didn’t expect victory, but I did expect to see super heroes I actually recognized fighting the battle in New York.  This didn’t happen though.  Of course it makes sense.  Seeing as all of the heavy hitters are in the savage land, somewhere unknown to us while their Skrull doubles are wondering around on Earth, or (in the case of FF) trapped in the Negative Zone and splattered all over a lab on a helicarrier somewhere, they are understandably indisposed at the moment.  However, I honestly didn’t recognize any of the Initiative recruits that were fighting the Super Skrulls (and getting their butts handed to them).  It was action packed, and there were some neat moments, but I just didn’t care…mainly because I only recognized like two of heroes.

Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, instead of being treated to more dueling between heroes and skrulls (without really knowing who the real deal is) we see Spider Woman (who we know is a Skrull because of one of the earlier crossover issues) corner Tony Stark, who is trying to recover from the virus in his armor…which has affected him physically as well.  We are treated to three pages of the fake-Spider Woman informing Stark that he’s a Skrull and just doesn’t know it.  Really?  THREE PAGES?  For something that we were promised would NOT be the case?  So either I was a) lied to or I b) had my time wasted on a totally pointless conversation when we could have been seeing more of the actual Invasion play out.  Either way, bad form.

So…while I still have faith in the concept, and I think that Bendis can pull it out in the end, I just wasn’t too take aback with issue #3 of Marvel’s big ’08 event.

So the final verdict?

Story 2 out of 5 –This felt more like one of the crossover issues than the actual main title.  Tony and “Jessica’s” conversation dragged on a bit too long for my tastes and wasn’t really a big reveal or shock…it just kind of was.  While I understand why it had to happen, Initiative grads fighting in Manhattan wasn’t the fight I was hoping for…but I have faith the big one is coming…if Bendis will actually write a full on fight and not a decompressed character piece with a fight to fill in between moments of angst.

Art 3 out 5 – I still think the art is really good.  I don’t think the fight scenes were handled the best in the world.  It was kind of hard to tell what was going on.  There wasn’t that much of a sense of scale when the giant Skrull and heroes were fighting, and again, not knowing who everyone was took away from my enjoyment of the art.

Cover Art 1 out 5 – I don’t mind telling you…I hate this cover.   It’s just dumb.  I hate the whole conversation this cover is based on, and given Tony Stark’s playboy ways, this is not a cover that should be on the third issue (or any issue) of a company’s bigget event of the year.

So, as you can see….as much as I like to be positive, I have to be honest, I’m really hoping issue 4 picks up the pace and we get to see some cool stuff.  It looks promising based on the sudden appearance of Nick Fury and his new Howling Commandos at the end of the book.  So we shall see.

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