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Tony Stark…Meet Thaddeus Ross



Posted by Steve

Here it is. I can’t believe they put this in TV Spot. Click HERE to see Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk.

6 Responses to “Tony Stark…Meet Thaddeus Ross”

  1. Tareq Says:

    OK. we know its definitely going to be IN the movie (not after the credits)

    5 more days!!!!!!!!

  2. Dane from KC Says:

    Dude I just discovered this myself! Rock on geekusulilpus-superior!

  3. Trooper Says:

    Ha HA Ha That’s Great!! Well why not capitalize on the success of Iron Man and let the general population (not just geeks who read everything they can find about movies) know that there is a connection between the two movies.

    I can’t wait!

  4. Kir Kanos Says:

    This comes as a pleasant surprise! I was certain that this scene would remain tagged on the tail-end of the movie. Leave to the studio to want to capitalize on Iron Man’s success.

    This movie will be great — a much better movie version than that last snafu.

  5. Tareq Says:

    ive just come home from seeing the incredible hulk. oh my lanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the film is amazing!
    fantastic action, great cgi and some comedy. perfect. i found this film really entertaining. 5 stars (out of a possible 5)


    stan lee’s cameo was interesting. he dies of radiation poisoning by ingesting blood from bruce. the cameo is better than the one in HULK, thats for sure.

    loe ferrigno’s cameo was pretty funny. he is greedy for free pizza!

    the hulk does talk…. twice

    super soldier serum + hulk radiation = abomination

    dont make me hungry, you wont like me when i’m hungry! lol

    stark “were getting a team together”
    ross “who’s we?”
    cut to credits……….awesome!!!!!!!

    why are you still reading this???? go watch this movie NOW!!!

  6. Tareq Says:

    that scene from the trailer,

    “Bruce: I’ve got a problem. there are aspects of my personality that i can’t control.
    Samson: see a shrink.
    Bruce:it’s a little bit more complicated than that.
    Samson: Bruce, trust me when i tell you, I’ve seen ’em all.
    Bruce: not this one…”

    it didn’t make the final cut. in fact, ty burrel’s character didn’t have much dialogue at all. he was in about two scenes!

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