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Secret Invasion – My 10,000,000 Point Call



Posted by Steve

When I was in college, I’d get together every Monday night with a bunch of guys to watch wrestling. We’d sit around and try to figure out which storyline was going where and how certain matches would end up or what would happen in a match. We had a point system for our “calls.” For example, if I called that Ric Flair would be thrown into a turnbuckle, flip over it, run across the ring apron and get clotheslined that was a one point call. If I called that Vince MacMahon would show up on Monday Night Nitro, that was a 50 million point call. (Until it actually happened.)

I’ve continued this trend with some of my geek friends about TV shows, movies, and comics we enjoy.

Tonight, just for you dear readers, I want to make a call. I was doing some cleaning up and reorganizing of some comics after getting a new long box when it occurred to me that I didn’t know where some of my comics are. I had at one time nearly the entire run of Secret Wars and the entire of run of Secret Wars II (not bragging.). I started looking for them, and then something dawned on me. (At this point I should point out that I also have the entire run of what some call Secret Wars III, a story arc that ran throughout the Fantastic Four title that culminated in the discovery that Beyonder, along with the Molecule Man, was an incomplete cosmic cube. The two joined to form a cube, and the Beyonder was apparently no more.)

This whole Secret Invasion thing, while it is a bid by the Skrulls for control of Earth, we find that they have remarkable access to the DNA of superheroes throughout the Marvel Universe. How? (I know it’s been explained some.) Also, we know that the Skrulls are on a religious quest of some sort. In fact, when the invasion began, the Skrulls would say, “He loves you.” So the question is “Who is ‘He’?”

Here’s my 10,000,000 point call. “He” is the Beyonder. In some ways it’s ridiculous. In other ways, it seems like something Marvel would do right about now. Think about it, what would be the most surprising thing that the folks at Marvel comics could do? Throw us a curve ball like The Beyonder!!!! I’m totally sold on this idea. Here are a few pics for reference:

I don’t know what happened in Marvel’s recent series “Beyond!” So, I don’t know just how infeasable the idea is. I do concede that it is infeasable, but the extent of the infeasability is what I’m not sure of, hence it’s a 10 million point call. Yeah, it’s crazy, but you gotta admit, it’s as intriguing as it is totally stupid, and how many times does that happen in comics? So, yeah, I’m totally calling it and I am totally sold on the idea. “He” is the Beyonder….unless it’s The High Evolutionary….crap.

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  1. yoda8u2 Says:

    i think it would be more feasable to blame it on wanda remember when she went crazy and the sky was full of skrulls?

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