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New Incredible Hulk TV Spot Puts Some Things Into Perspective



Posted by Steve

There is a lot of great buzz building around this movie on the web.  Hulk Hands are selling out at Wal-Marts all over the place.   Even casual movie goers I talk to are looking forward to this based on what they’ve seen, and as a Hulk fan for years, I couldn’t be happier.  I know that we haven’t seen the biggest moments.  I know that there’s some stuff in the movie that the clips, trailers, and TV spots haven’t shown us that will blow our collective minds.  I can NOT wait

Then there’s this:

The newest TV spot for THE INCREDIBLE HULK tells us that “the Marvel Super Hero Experience becomes incredible!”  I love that idea of marketing.  It lets people know that Marvel Studios isn’t just putting out movies of there characters individually, rather they are attempting to create a super hero experience for movie audiences.  I know we all know this.  “We” being the geeks.  We eat up every tid bit of information we can when it comes to these types of movies, but it is so cool to hear it kind of put out there for the world at large.  Here’s the spot that has a few new snippets and a great moment at the end between Bruce and Betty.

6 Responses to “New Incredible Hulk TV Spot Puts Some Things Into Perspective”

  1. Arshdeep Says:

    This movie is going to be epic-ly phenomenal. I’m not a big fan of the Hulk but this does look very good. I’m going to go see it atleast 3 times.

  2. tareq Says:

    as derek would say, EPIC!!
    this movie is going to be epic.
    epic, epic, epic!!!

    has the ‘hulk smash'(with the voice of lou ferrigno) been confirmed or was that just speculation?

  3. Sundance - Suryal Says:

    This video just might no longer be available.

  4. bighonkin Says:

    Tareq, that hasn’t been confirmed, but it is heavily rumored.

    Sundance, it works for me.

  5. tareq Says:

    Thank you Steve. The video is working for me too. Maybe there is something wrong with Sundance’s computer.

    Sundance, maybe you should go here:

    navigate to ‘video’ and choose marvel from the list.

  6. Djo Says:

    EPIC, indeed! SMASHING!

    This movie is the BIG monster movie of the summer, plus by using left-of-field Rhythm & Hues, Marvel’s taken a gamble that gets a quality telling of their Hero in audiences minds (and hands, once the DVD/Blu-Ray drops)
    in such a manner as to GUARANTEE another sequel.

    My Vote is that Hulk 3 be called simply, “THE RAMPAGING HULK”.

    THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!


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