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More Trailer Meanderings (or OH MY LANTA!!!!)



Posted by Steve

On the heels of discussing trailers and such, Marvel and Universal put out the second trailer for THE INCREDIBLE HULK.  If you haven’t watched in QuickTime or Hi Def, you need to go ahead and click here to do that. If you can’t wait to go to another site or you just want some quick fun of watching again there’s this….

Then, with all the frenzy that became the viral marketing fiasco by Warner Bros earlier this week, people who won those little reels of film finally started getting their findings up on the world wide web. The result? A “Jokerized” version of the trailer…which makes for some pretty funny moments.

And then there’s this…if you absolutely can’t wait for Sunday…Hurry up it may be gone soon.

2 Responses to “More Trailer Meanderings (or OH MY LANTA!!!!)”

  1. tareq Says:

    “And then there’s this…if you absolutely can’t wait for Sunday…Hurry up it may be gone soon.”

    it is gone and i didn’t even get to see what it was.
    anyway… the new hulk trailer was great. it was action packed and we got to see more of the hulk which was cool. they are calling the last trailer a teaser and this is the ‘real’ trailer.

    also, there is a new ‘experience’ section to the iron man website which has lots of clips and special features. you should check it out.
    here’s the link:

  2. Jen Says:

    Hey Steve,
    Lovin’ the podcast and the blog and this is the first time I have actually contacted you through comments. I really am super excited about the Hulk…. More so than Iron Man if I can go that far… HaHa! I was just wondering what you do to get a fan base for your podcast. I have a live podcast over at talkshoe called geek central and really want some more friends to come geek out with me! Just a friendly discussion about everything geeky up to and including technology, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and especially memory lane shows that you alway bring up in your awesome show! Thanks Steve!!! Great Job!

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