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A Word About Trekkies



Posted by Steve

I got a call today. Yes a phone call. In this world of comments on posts, e-mails, and IMs, I got a phone call from a friend of the blog and the podcast calling me on the carpet for some comments made on Geek Out Loud about Star Trek fans a.k.a. Trekkies. I feel I need to clear some things up.

First, I like Star Trek. I appreciate what it brings to the table for Science Fiction fans everywhere. William Shatner, Leonard Nemoy, DeForest Kelley, and the entire cast of the original series along with creator Gen Rodenberry opened the minds of science fiction fans, future engineers, and scientists to ideas about what could be beyond the boundaries of our atmosphere and what we as a race could accomplish if we pull together in spite of our perceived differences. Star Trek truly marks the beginning of the power of the geek that we enjoy in entertainment today. In fact, had it not been for Star Trek, there may very well have never been a Sci Fi channel, or some of the movies and television shows of the genre that we all know and love today.

The show, while short lived by the standards of today left a lasting mark on the culture of the nation. It spawned, as you most likely know, ten movies (with an eleventh coming next Summer), and gave way to four other Star Trek television shows. Truthfully, I have only been more than peripherally interested in one of the spin off shows, that being Voyager.

As a completely devoted Star Wars fan, I am honor bound by the codes of both Jedi and Sith, along with various mandates by the Galactic Republic, The Empire, The New Republic, The Galactic Alliance, and even Glorious Empire of the Vong to give Trekkies a hard time at every oppurtunity.

So, while I like Star Trek on an ok level, I do often feel compelled to poke a little fun at people who quote Shakespeare in Klingon and sit around and debate the validity of the Prime Directive.

And I know, I know, Trekkies can point to some Star Wars fans and make fun of them for dressing up, but to that I just say, I’ve never seen Star Wars fans carrying on conversations in Huttese or speaking Ewok, and while all of us have secretly attempted the Jedi mind trick on some friends, we’ve never walked up and overtly tried to mind meld. I’m just saying.

Finally, the caller made a point about his marital status. He’s married, and I’m single. Well, to that I say…

I like Star Wars.

Then there’s this…run, Enterprise, run…heh heh heh

5 Responses to “A Word About Trekkies”

  1. tareq Says:

    i absolutely agree with you Steve. cool video. i liked how they mixed the two together so well. it must have taken a while to collect, categorise and edit all the clips. i also like how star wars beat star trek in the end!

  2. Beth Says:

    I heard number 10 this morning Steve, it was great as usual even though you were tongue tied through most of it. haha

    But please quit pickin on the “Trekkies”. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek TNG since I was a kid. And if carrying a Worf head talking lunch box w/ me to work everyday, makes me an Trekkie, then sign me up.

    Can’t we all just get along? 😀

  3. Superclerk Says:

    I feel we can all live together in peace. Plus I think Trekkies like myself need to have thicker skins. I know you mean it in good fun.
    Besides, Trekkies really need to be nicer to you Star Wars fans due to the fact that over the last few years you guys suffered the horrible prequels that basically brought your sci-fi universe to a crushing mess…
    It’s ok, Steve… it’s ok…

  4. bighonkin Says:

    Touche’ sir. Touche’.

  5. Marcus Says:

    Heh. Great video. The Shakespeare in Klingon comment is so true. However, I was present with you at SW Celebration 3, and you remember some of the…things we saw.

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