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I Miss the Eighties Sometimes



Posted by Steve

Sometimes I feel like Uncle Rico.  I want a time a machine to take me back to 1982.   Actually, I’d take a time machine to just about any point in the eighties.   I know the eighties gave us some pretty bad movies.  But the eighties also gave us some great movies.   I would list the good movies, but then I’d have to list the bad movies and the only reason I wrote that is because I know there had to be some.  (I tend to think that the nineties gave us bad sequels to good eighties movies.)

The thing about the eighties when it came to entertainment though, is nothing was off limits.  If a team could imagine it, then a company would make a cartoon out of it.  They threw EVERYTHING against the wall just to see what stuck.

While only a small handful of those cartoons (like the myriad of over-the-top action movies, silly comedies, and crazy science fiction movies) became icons that have stood the test of time, there was a lot of great fun to be had during what I feel is the glory days of cartoons.  Here’s a neat video I stumbled across on YouTube showing a nice portion of some eighties cartoons.  Some are more obscure than others, and they aren’t ALL represented, but the icons are there along with some that I don’t know.  So check it out:

6 Responses to “I Miss the Eighties Sometimes”

  1. Big B Says:

    Really cool video…but leaving Voltron out is a travesty!

  2. Arkwulf Says:

    NICE! Looks like the eighties was also the era of shiny, metallic gradient logos, eh?

  3. Superclerk Says:

    Excellent! I watched the lions share of those shows and the music was great by the way… it was the theme to Street Hawk.

  4. JenN Says:

    I would also like to go back to the 80’s! To watch She-Ra on the tube again ahhh wonderful

  5. Matt Says:

    Man, I feel the same way about the 90s. Man, tons of great cartoons in that decade. My favorites were Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, X-Men, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, among others.

    I love it so much, I’m working on getting the whole DCAU on DVD right now.

  6. Heidi Says:

    This makes me want to go out and buy He-man, She-ra, and Thundercats on DVD right now.

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