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My Top Ten Favorite Superheroes:
Number 8 – The Flash



Posted by Steve

flash.jpgThe Fastest Man Alive.  The Scarlet Speedster.  He is the Flash, and he’s number 8 on my top ten favortie super heroes list. 


Well, to answer the why I have to make three points about me.  They are:  I’m a big guy.  I’m a slow guy.  I’m late pretty often.

What does this have to do with the Flash being in my top favorites? 

Let’s start with super speed.  As someone who’s never been particuliarly fast, at anything, superspeed is one of those powers that I have always found intriguing.   I’ve always liked the idea of being able to move at speeds beyond the speed of sound.  As a kid I always wished I could get my chores done super fast.

Now, as an adult who tends to be a bit unpunctual I often find myself wishing I could just zip from place to place so as to actually be on time….or not as late.

However, there are many superheroes with superspeed.  Why choose the Flash?  And which incarnation of the Flash?

Second question first.  I prefer the Barry Allen or Wally West Flash.  Barry Allen because he’s the Flash of my childhood.   There was the short-lived live action show with Barry Allen as the main character, and I really liked that show.   Barry Allen was the Flash in all of the cartoons I’d watched as a kid.  Since he was who I was introduced to as The Flash, he’s the one I really liked.

Then I started reading DC comics and was introduced to Wally West.  Wally West has a wit that is as fast as his feet and often forgets to put the filter between his brain and mouth on.  

What I really liked when I was first introduced to Wally though was the way he fit in with the JLA.   He was the young guy, living in his uncle’s shadow, somewhat insecure about his place on the team, but he didn’t let those things keep him from being a vital part of the team.  Time after time, Wally West stepped it up and not only lived up to his uncle’s name, but exceeded any expectations anyone put on him. 

Wally “sacrificed” himself during Infinite Crisis in an effort to stop Superboy Prime.  The mantle of the Flash was then picked up by Bart Allen, Barry’s grandson.  Bart previously carried the codename Impulse.   He helped Wally in his attempt to take down Superboy Prime and diappeared with him into the speed force, reemerging as a grown man and taking the mantl of the Flash.  In a surprise to readers, Bart was killed within a year and Wally came back. 

Too much history? 

The Flash has always been one of those stand out characters to me.  The costume, the powers, and the personality all work together to put The Flash in my top ten. 

Now, I gotta work on some speed…

2 Responses to “My Top Ten Favorite Superheroes:
Number 8 – The Flash”

  1. Sundance Says:

    Hey Steve, did you ever pick up the Flash with John Wesley Shipp on DVD. It came out a few years ago but I haven’t added it to my collection. But I do have the Pilot and the Trial of the Trixster on bootleg tape.

  2. Vincent Says:

    Thanks Steve. Good points. Seeing Barry on that show was my first and my only real exposure to the Flash. Now he’s tops. That show was pivotal to break into bigger budgets and digital work.

    In case anyone’s doubting the Flash being in any top 10, please check out the flash in speed force, taking on Lutheriac alone:

    I love that scene! Cheer aloud and weep a tear, because out of the shadows of giants stands a carefree guy who can lay down the gauntlet on superman’s 2 biggest enemies ever! Muy macho!

    I can’t wait until it’s not so muggy and soggy so I can go tap into that speed force.

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