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UPDATED: A Commercial for a Trailer



Posted by Steve

So, I was getting ready to head to bed, flipping the channels and I stopped because my program guide said Best Week Ever was on.  I enjoy the comedic nuggets on that show.  Well, the commercials were on, and I wasn’t paying much attention until I heard the following:

“There are aspects of my personality that I can’t control.”

“Trust me I’ve heard them all.”

“Not this one.”

 I look up and it’s Ed Norton, and I KNOW.  It’s the Incredible Hulk.  Before my mind could register what was happening though, it was over.  It was a commercial advertising the world premiere of the trailer.

Thank God for DVR.  I immediately rewound and watched.  Here’s what I saw. 

Bruce Banner with some time of light lines on his face. (probably a close up from the pic of him in the big white machine.)

Bruce and who I can only assume is Doc Samson talking (the quotes from above).

A guy suddenly going through a window.

Bruce running to a stop looking at something with concern/fear in his eyes.

I Military Hummer plowing through two other vehicles.

Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) standing apparently shirtless looking into some type of greenish light. 

Bruce sitting up on a bed.

A quick shot of Betty (Liv Tyler).

Finally, what is for me the money shot of the five second vingette…A head shot of Bruce suddenly looking up.  What’s the big deal?  Well, it appears as though he is in a prone position, and as his head swings up, you can see his eyes.  What’s the big deal about his eyes? (Insert girly giggle here.) They are whited out just like Bill Bixby’s eyes in the old television show.  In fact, it looks like a super homage to those classic transformations.  (Insert another girly giggle here.)

I nearly exploded.  I cannot completely express my excitement and hopefulness for this movie and I am soooo glad we are finally getting a trailer next week. 



The video has now goneYouTube.  (I would just like to point out that I reported the commercial before  That’s right…I beat them to the punch.  Still respect them though.)

3 Responses to “UPDATED: A Commercial for a Trailer”

  1. Xander Says:

    A commerial for a teaser trailer… would that make this a trailer teaser? My brain hurts..anyways, I hope that the trailer does not disappoint!

  2. bighonkin Says:

    I honestly don’t think it will. I think the movie is going to be good, and as far as the trailer tomorrow, I think we may actually get to see the Hulk in it. We should.

  3. DarthGymRat Says:

    Wow, you were right Steve. This really has a feel of the TV series. Maybe we will finally have a Hulk winner!

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