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Geek Out Loud Episode 9 – Big Honkin Returns



Posted by Steve

In this episode, we look at my first review in a big time magazine.  Talk a bit about Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and the rumored link between those two movies.  Then we jump into a little geeking out about Superman on film.  All this and some shout outs, shameless plugs, and geeky easter eggs on the return of the most “hard to stomach” podcast on the net.

Here’s the link promised on the cast:

9 Responses to “Geek Out Loud Episode 9 – Big Honkin Returns”

  1. Linda W Says:

    OK Steve,

    Thanks for making everyone where I work think I’m totally off my rocker. The narration of your first review in the Southern voice was bad enough – but then you went and did helium voice. I laughed so loud that I think my co-workers were ready to call the men in the white coats!

    Thanks for helping me to get an early retirement! I will e-mail you later when I arrive at the “home”.

    Love your podcasts,

    Linda W (and see, I didn’t put the AVP after my name this time) AKA Archer on the Smallville forums!

  2. Blayne Says:

    Finally, a new podcast!!! Just kidding. It was great as usual. Especially the redneck imitation. Bad thing is I have to talk to those people everyday at school. Oh well. I would love some talk on Force Unleashed on the next podcast.


  3. Xander Says:

    I loved this ep! Hilarious, I loved the impressions, especially the redneck imitation. I was almost crying I was laughing so hard.

    Thanks for the little shout out you gave me at the end, but sir, you are the one who told me to watch Superman 4. I gotta say that I really did enjoy it, I’m glad that I watched it again. I’ve got to go watch the rest now though. I haven’t watched them in a long time either!

  4. Alex Gravlin Says:

    Is there some way to subscribe to this in iTunes?

  5. Will Says:

    Glad to have you back.

    Not enough people know about Silverhawks and that’s sad. Thanks for including them on the show.

    Have you heard of Blundercats? It’s a video with some of the outtakes of the Thundercats voice recording sessions. Hilarious!

  6. Jason Says:


    First off GREAT job on the podcast. I really enjoyed your view of the Superman movies. Your observations were spot on sir.

    I have only one thing to add. In Superman Returns my teary eyed moment was when Superman flies above the clouds and recharges his powers. We see his fist tighten and he flies down after the Kryptonite continent. The best scene in the movie.

    I’m so pumped up from the show that I am going to go back and watch all the movies again. Again great job sir.

  7. raj Says:

    Great job steve.

    question: i’ve got to listen to episodes 6-9

    however i cant seem to find a way to listen to previous episodes. They aren’t on itunes and i don’t see how to listen to them of the website.

    please help.

    raj from the uk

  8. TharenSolo Says:

    First of all, I want to say great job. I just found your podcast after listening to the latest from the Skynext podcast (which I love) and decided to stop by and see what your overly promoted show is all about. It should come with a warning label, “do not listen to in public” because I couldn’t stop laughing at work last night.
    And now for the main reason for this comment: I wanted to listen to your previous episodes, but they’re not on itunes (which is where I subscribed), and I cannot find them on your site (unless I’m just stupid, feel free to tell me so). So if you could point me in the right direction, that would be great.
    Thanks for making geek life more fun!

  9. Alex Gravlin Says:

    Mister Steve, tear down this wall and put Geek Out Loud onto iTunes!

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