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From the Fortress of Baileytude



Posted by Steve

I enjoy podcasts.  I wish I had more time to do mine.  However, between Starkville’s House of El Podcast and the newest podcasting sensation Skynext, our podcast about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles I haven’t had time to record. However, I have several favorite podcasts that I check out on a regular basis. You can check them all out over at the left hand side of the main page here under my links.

I want to mention Michael Bailey’s solo endeavor Views From the Long Box. Michael does a great job with his podcast. He talks about everything from comic books to movies to television, and he does a great job and has fun with it. If you’re one of the people who have been e-mailing me about my next episode of Geek Out Loud, go check out Michael’s podcast. His cast is everything I ever wished my podcast could be. So go check him out and enjoy it.

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