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Abomination Revealed



Posted by Steve

Last week we got a reveal and some footage description.  First, the pic that you  see is from a report that went up at Super Hero Hype. Abomination Toy pic  The picture is apparently from a toy catalog or preview showcasing the upcoming toy line from THE INCREDIBLE HULK.   Of interest, was the Abomination figure.  Let the griping begin.  I’ve already read a few places where the expected criticisms have begun.  “Why doesn’t he have the head fins?  What about the ridges on his skin?  THEY RUINED THE ABOMINATION!!!!” 

I don’t have a problem with this version of The Ambomination.  He looks hideous, he looks huge, and it looks as though once he makes the transformation, the movie goer will be able to tell who he once was.   I think that’s the key.  The studio is paying Tim Roth to play the part of Emil Blonsky/Abomination, and they want his face to be present as long as possible.  

Also, unless I hear that the artists and film makers didn’t even attempt the look from the comics, I am willing to bet that this looks better on film.   Ultimately, film makers have to bring as much realism as possible to the fantastic premises of these super hero movies.   It is much easier for the casual fan to suspend disbelief if they aren’t yanked out of reality at every design or plot point.

So, until we see the Abomination on screen, let’s reserve judgment.

Also, last week in Germany was the Nuremberg Toy Fair.  Ain’t It Cool was able to snag a report on some footage that was shown.

The first Incredible Hulk footage that the public has seen was on display, and I want to see this footage. Of particular interest to your’s truly is this quote from the report, “The ‘trailer’ ends
with Abomination walking towards Hulk. Remember the end of Rocky III? Apollo Creed wants to hit Rocky in their friendly duel? That’s exactly the way the trailer ends. Abomination wants to hit Hulk. Hulk wants to hit Abomination,but before it actually happens the trailer is over. Abomination looks like a Hulk with the Voldemort face from the first Harry Potter movie. A really
mean motha. He sure is a great opponent. I thought the shown footage was awesome.”

Combine this report with the two pictures that have been released from Universal, and color me one happy Hulk fan. UNIVERSAL…GET THAT TRAILER OUT!!!!

19 Responses to “Abomination Revealed”

  1. Dave Jones Says:

    See, it’s things like this that get me excited about the new HULK movie. Now, unlike most people, I did enjoy the first HULK film. Not the best, but I did enjoy it. These figures are really well done and I can’t wait to see the film. I even hear that they have the piano music from the show used during the movie. Holy GEEKY GEEKNESS, Batman!

  2. bighonkin Says:

    Haven’t heard about the music, have you got a source for this info? That would make me absolutely ecstatic for this movie.

  3. Dave Jones Says:

    I read all this is the January issue of WIZARD. I remember thinking at the time, “How awesome!!!”. I loved watching re-runs of the old show and I remember the movie, “The Death of the Incredible Hulk” and yes…..I cried.

  4. bighonkin Says:

    So, let’s clarify, are you saying that Wizard stated in their mag (in a serious manner) that Joe Harnell’s music from the original television show would be used at some point in the film? THEY SAID THAT?

  5. Dave Jones Says: If you scroll down to the music credits you will see that marvel bought the rights to the music. In the Wizard, the director himself told the interviewer.

  6. Dave Jones Says:

    at the top of that link, click where it says The Incredible Hulk (film). the link I sent you isnt the one I meant to send. Sorry.

  7. bighonkin Says:


    Marvel having the rigths to the music doesn’t mean it will appear in the film, BUT…it’s still quite interesting. Thanks for the info man.

  8. Dave Jones Says:

    Sure…makes me excited to talk with someone about this.

  9. bighonkin Says:

    Big Hulk fan are ya?

  10. Will Says:

    I’m not a big Hulk fan, but I did like the first movie. I’m an Edward Norton fan, so I’m excited to see how this movie turns out.

  11. bighonkin Says:

    I appreciated the first movie for what it was. I don’t watch it much though. In fact, if I ever put it in, I jump straight to The Hulk vs. The Army.

  12. Dave Jones Says:

    Well, The show is really my oldest memories. Then, they had the cartoons as well. “Young Bruce banner…” That was my sad attempt to sing over a post. LOL. Anyways, I liked the first film, but I am extra GEEKY about the new one.

    Dave, aka Phantom Slasher on the SHOE forums.

  13. Dave Jones Says:

    also….you gotta love The HULK swinging that tank around ….woah!

  14. bighonkin Says:

    That was THE shot for me going into the movie. When he tossed that tank, I was like, “YES! They’ve got it.” But the didn’t really.

  15. Dave Jones Says:

    I guess not. I liked the Ang Lee direction with the split frames, ala “24” style. Looked very much like a comic book. They delved into the origin a little too much I think. I like that the new film isnt a new origin so you its not diminishing the first movie, but i think it will be better. Try and read the new HULK series that just started with issue#1, by Jeph Loeb of Smallville fame, if you have 3 bucks and your interested.

  16. bighonkin Says:

    Just subscribed to the title because it’s the Hulk and it’s Jeph Loeb and I’ve never read a comic by him that I was disappointed by.

  17. Marcus Says:

    I think the Abomination looks fine. The same people whining about how he looks are the ones who didn’t like the Tumbler in “Batman Begins” and Heath Ledger’s look in “Dark Knight. The whole point of the Abomination is that he is scarier than the Hulk, and it looks like they’ve acheived that.

    How great is this summer going to be for movies?

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