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Smallville Season 7 Episode 10 – “Persona”



Posted by Steve

Ugh.  I hate being sick.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it did this past weekend and into this week.  I have felt like doing absolutely nothing.   I’ve missed work and was barely able to get through recording the latest episode of The Skynext Podcast with Derek from Starkville’s House of El.

Then, as I was going over some stuff about tonight’s new episode of Smallville, I realized that, in the middle of playing catch up at work and trying to get real life things done, I forgot to post a review of last week’s episode “Persona.”  So here we go.

 I hate to be repetitive when it comes to my reactions to Smallville episodes, but HOLY MONKEY SPIT WHAT AN EPISODE!!!

Roughly six weeks after we found out that Clark was basically being held captive in the Fortress by Jor-El and BIZARRO had taken over his identity and life, we finally get some closure that only serves to open up yet more proverbial cans of the proverbial worms for our rising hero.  Not only that, but Julian revealed himself to Lionel only to be shot and die in Lionel’s arms…at LEX’S COMMAND!!!!  Lana found out that she had been shacked up with Bizarro Clark…there’s no way she’s gonna be ok after this.   Bizarro sought out Brainiac to get help with undoing his weakness to sunlight.  Brainiac turned him onto a Kryptonian named Dax Ur who had been hidden on Earth for over 100 years.   To find him though, Bizarro needed the SOS shield that Kara found in the time capsule back in the third episode of the season.  Well, of course Bizarro didn’t know anything about the shield, and in trying to track it down he makes two critical mistakes.  One, he asks Chloe, who immediately suspects something’s up, and two he goes to the Fortress to look for it.   This alerts Jor-El who frees Clark to clean up the town.  Clark goes to Lionel (Brainiac in disguise) and learns about Dax Ur.  In a cool moment, Chloe reveals that she took the shield and hid it when Clark started acting wierd.  He goes to Dax Ur, gets blue kryptonite, and unwittingly lets on to Brainiac where Dax Ur is.  In the end, Lana destroys Bizarro, Clark and Lana continue in what is now an even uneasier relationship, and Brainiac returns himself to full power by killing Dax Ur and getting the information he needs to completely reconstitute himself. 

AND….if we’re ever going to get THE moment when Lex turns evil, we got it in Persona.

This was a great way to be able to come back to Smallville after the show being gone for a month and a half.  Everything was flawlessly executed.  

Marc McClure had less screen time than I would have liked, but in his few moments on screen I didn’t see Jimmy Olsen, Marty McFly’s older brother, or one of the Houston guys from Apollo 13.   I saw Dax Ur.  A man who is paying his own personal penence for creating what he hoped would be Krypton’s salvation and instead he realized it would be it’s doom.   He’s also a man who loves so passionately that he’s given up any abilities to have a family on Earth.  I liked him.  I hated that he had to die. 

However, his death will give us another appearance by a fully charged Brainiac played by James Marsters.  Marsters was just as captivating in Persona as he was in all of his season 5 appearances.   The idea of Brainiac manipulating Bizarro for his own purposes is a classic villain team up move. 

We got some new shots in the Fortress, a great showdown between Bizarro, Clark, and Lana, and Lex putting the hit out on his own cloned brother.   WONDERFUL.

I think that Lex having Julian killed is what really made this episode come together completely though.   As Julian is shot and the shooter sends the “Job Done” text to Lex.  We see Lex step outside and completely give in to and rage against his inner demons all at once.   The key is this now…if Lex will kill his own brother…who won’t he kill?

This was another solid 5 out whatever I give 5 of episode.  I don’t think the same will be able to be said for tonight’s offering, Siren, but we’ll see.   Overall, though, this season hasn’t disappointed.  In a year that should have been the stumbling block for the series things really got cranked up and rollling.  Too bad it’s ending early. 

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