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Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles Begins



Posted by Steve

This past weekend, Fox debuted it’s nxt big television sensation. 

I’m not sure how much either episode cost, but the creators of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles had to come close to busting the budget on the first two amazing episodes of the show.

While the show raises questions about it’s place in the Terminator movie timeline, and the rules of time travel that are so important on other sci fi staples (The Temporal Prime Directive in Star Trek) the show delivers the action and suspense that was a part of all three Terminator movies.

From the very outset of the pilot, we meet a Sarah Connor who is at once trying to live her life with as much normalcy as possible, but can be shaken out of happiness and go on the run again all because of a dream.

The Terminators are present in the form of a robot that takes on the name Cromartie when he acts as a substitute teacher seeking to kill young John Connor. 

A new addition to the mythos is Cameron.   Cameron is…well…she’s not a Terminator….but she’s not a human.  She is a cyborg, and when a Terminator scans her and realizes that, his programming dictates that he evades her.

There are guns firing, explosions, people from the future, people-killing robots, and it’s just a wonderful adrenaline pumping television show that you would expect as it bears the name Terminator.

Needless to say I have really enjoyed the show’s first two episodes, and it seems that it’s only going to get better. 

Now, I’ve said all of that to say this: 

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