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Long Overdue – Smallville “Gemini” Review.



Posted by Steve

Several weeks ago, we were left hanging with Kara in Detroit, and the Fortress going nuts on Clark.   Cue Gemini.


If “Blue” left us hanging, “Gemini” left us with our jaws on the floor.

From the get go, the tenseness of the story ramped up with Lois finding out that Chloe had a bomb on her person.  The catch is, the bomber, Adrian, is apparently in the building and watching Lois’ every move so she can’t warn Chloe. 

One of the more interesting points of the show was watching Lois try to be creative in letting Chloe know about the danger she’s in throughout.

Then, when Chloe finds herself on an elevator with Jimmy and realizes that she’s potentially gonna be blown to smithereens, we get one of the best Chloe lines in Smallville. “I have the worst secret Santa ever.”

The confrontation with Adrian, Julian, Lex, and Lois though gives us yet another look at Lex and just how depraved he is.  He has created clones of his brother with the intention of trying to fill the gap in his life that was left by the death of his little brother.  It’s an interesting take on Lex that there is so much he does just to be loved and accepted.  It’s twisted and sad at the same time.  Lex has truly become one of the most sympathetic villains in the DC Universe thanks to Smallville.  However, I have to believe that there will be a point before the end of the show (unless it ends with Season 7) where we learn to hate Lex because everything that we once saw good in him is gone.

The real let down of the episode came right off the top when Clark just showed up.  No explanation as to where he’s been, how he got out, or why he isn’t looking for Kara anymore.  He’s just accepted that she’s gone and now he wants to move forward with Lana by helping her expose Lex.  This takes us, along with Clark and Lana on a stroll through all of the information that Lana has on Lex. 

While on the stroll down expose-the-villain lane, Lana and Clark find themselves in the basement of the building that houses the Isis foundation.  Lana is trying to help a scientist who went into a catatonic state while working on Project: Scion.  The lady is lying there mumbling something.  Clark recognizes it as Kryptonian.  For the first time in any incarnation of Superman on film or radio, we HEAR Kryptonian spoken….very cool.

Clark realizes the woman is repeating something over and over again.  A mystery to be sure, so he goes with Lana to the Daily Planet to find Chloe to try to get some answers. 

Lois is in Grant’s office with Lex and Adrian.   The truth is coming out, and neither Grant nor Adrian is happy.   Lex, in a moment of desparation to get the situation back under his control, shoots Adrian and the remote to the bomb on Chloe’s person is switched on.  In the elevator, Chloe and Jimmy see the bomb start a countdown.  All is lost…or is it.

In the basement, Clark uses his super hearing to hone in on Chloe and hears the bomb ticking and she and Jimmy yelling for help.   Cue the Superman music as Clark superspeeds into the stairwell and launches himself to the level where Jimmy and Chloe’s elevator is stuck.  He runs through a party (complete with cork popping out of a bottle of champagne frozen in mid air) opens the door, gets the bomb, and disposes of it.  AWESOME.

In the end, Lex buys the Daily Planet, Chloe shows Jimmy her healing power and let’s Clark know that the woman’s jabbering was like a computer that is trying to reboot itself (Can you say Brainiac anyone…Clark did.), and Clark is still stuck in the Fortress of Solitude…WHAT?  Yes.

The big reveal came at the very end as “Clark” hugged Lana only to have his face hit some sunlight…IT’S BIZARRO!!!

Yes, Bizarro is back.  Surprising, considering that I wasn’t expecting to see him again with the season shortened.  

This opens up a world of possibilities with the next episode “Persona.” 

So, how did I feel about this episode.  Well, had it not been for the big reveal at the end, I would have been scratching my head about a few things and given this episode a 3.  As it stands though, I have to give the episode a 4.75 out of whatever I give 5 of.  Why?

Honestly, I would have liked to see Michael Cassidy get made up to play Adrian…it would have made a little more sense. 

Other than that, I really have no complaint.  There is just so much good about this episode, from hearing Kryptonian spoken to the Bizarro reveal.   Smallville did in this episode what it does best, it pulled the rug out from under us.  Just when we thought we had the answers. BOOM!!! We…know…nothing. 

Now, with the return of Brainiac on the horizon, Bizarro having taken over Clark’s life, and Lex owning the Daily Planet, it seems that things have been kicked up such a notch that our hero may never recover…if he can get out of that ice….or crystal…or whatever it is.

All in all this entire season has been great and it continued it’s chewy goodness with Gemini.  Now, bring on Persona….

By the way, the screen caps of Clark on Ice and the Bizarro hug are from Jc does a fantastic job every week of capturing the scenes in high def and posting them there. So, thanks to Jc for the hard work and for the screen caps. Make sure you go check his site out and don’t abuse the work he does.

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