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Something to Get You Dreaming



Posted by Steve

When I think superhero, I think Superman.  Period.  Also, I stand by my initial reaction to Superman Returns.  I loved it. 

Having said that, I think that Superman fans and superhero fans in general really hoped for a Superman movie that would blow us all away the same way BATMAN BEGINS did.  However,  what we got was  a remake of Richard Donner’s film from the seventies with a few updated special effects and some different plot points.  While Richard Donner’s film was THE film that defined superhero movies, as far as making the story as real as possible and not trying to be smarter than the source material, I think most fans thought that it was time for something new.   Well, Kalel1029 on YouTube gets it.  Check out his fan made trailer for a movie that he obviously wants to see, and now I do too.  He uses clips from other movies and audio from different Superman series to put together what is really an awesome video.   But, enough talk, check it out:

3 Responses to “Something to Get You Dreaming”

  1. Goblinmoon Says:

    wow… thanks for this! I’ll have to pass it around a bit. Why do they think Supes has to be cartoony? I enjoyed Supes Return, but Brandon Routh (to me) didn’t have the charisma to pull off doing a Chris Reeve imitation. Plus a less cartoony plot would’ve rocked… something like this trailer, and please why not Tom Welling? He’s sooo improved as an actor since first season Smallville.

  2. Arkwulf Says:

    Not too bad…but too many plotlines at once, imho. Cut out the Bizarro and Kara stuff and you’d have a great movie. I totally agree that Darkseid should be the bad guy in the next movie. After him, I’d say Brainiac, and no matter what, Metallo NEEDS to appear in a movie, so we can see supes kick some butt!

  3. RaifeBlakeVtM Says:

    I agree with Arkwulf. I think if they tried to do that much they’d end up with too much to deal with and everything would feel either rushed, incomplete, or both – like Spiderman 3. What could have been a great movie was left feeling like they tried to do too much in too little time, and I don’t want to see that happen with Superman.

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