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BLUE – Quite Possibly the Best Episode of Season 7 Reviewed



Posted by Steve

It’s the weekend, so that means it’s time for my review of the most recent episode of Smallville.   Thursday night gave us Blue.  Thank you Thursday night.  Thank you so much. 

I don’t want to bore you with a recap, but here are the highlights.

 Clark uses Kara’s blue crystal to bring his mother out of the crystal.  Jor-El,  of course, warns him not to do this, but in typical Clark fashion, Jor-El’s warnings go ignored.

So, Clark brings Lara out of the crystal, but, unbeknownst to him, he also unleashes Zor-El.  Zor-El goes to Lionel, the emissary of Jor-El , to seek out Kal-El, but Lionel refuses help him.  Before Zor-El can unleash on Lionel, Clark shows up and stops him.

In an effort to keep Lara safe, Clark takes her to Ollie’s old penthouse, which apparently Ollie left at Clark’s disposal.  It’s been used enough.  While there, Lara gives Clark a ring that belonged to Jor-El.  It’s the passing of an heirloom kind of thing. 

The ring, while pretty and chock full of personal meaning, actually causes Clark to lose his powers.  There is now no one to stand in the way of Zor-El taking Lara as his wife and setting up rule on Earth.  Clark is even left to believe that Kara betrayed him, even though she’s pretty much being held at bay against her will by Zor-El.

Basically, the entirity of what’s left of The House of El has fallen apart and the final conflict will take place at the Fortress.

Meanwhile, among the mere mortals, Chloe catches Lois and Grant making out a bit in Grant’s office and confronts Lois about it.  She tells Lois that she needs to break off her relationship with Grant because it will taint any success she has a journalist.  Grant, on the other hand, is getting the same advice, or demand (?) from Lex.   We are made aware at this point that I was right when talking to Derek on Starkville’s House of El when I said that Grant was talking to Lex at the end of Wrath. 

Why would Lex want Grant to break it off with Lois?  What could Lois possible find out that would be damaging to Lex?  We’ll get there.

Clark can’t get the ring off of his finger.  Even with a grinder.

Chloe brings Clark the key.(obviously to be used in the cave to teleport him to the fortress.)

At the fortress, Clark uses kryptonite to hold Zor-El at bay while he tries to fix the eclipse that Zor-El has caused.  Did I mention that Zor-El is a Heroes fan?

Lara informs Clark that the only way to get rid of Zor-El is destroy the Crystal.  That is what allows them to be there.  Clark of course refuses, but Zor-El has made his way out from under the kryptonite and is attacking Kara and getting ready to kill her.  Clark smashes the crystal against the console which makes all three (Lara, Zor-El, and Kara disappear.)

Back to Lex and Grant….not yet.

Kara wakes up on a street in the rain.  She makes her way to a little cafe and we learn that not only does she not know where she is, she doesnt’ know WHO she is. 

Lois tells Chloe that things are over between her and Grant, even though they snog whenever they get together.

Grant is talking to Lex and gets frustrated that Lex won’t let him tell people who he is….JULIAN LUTHOR.  WHAT?!?!  That’s right, killed by his mom only to return one day as the editor of the Daily Planet.  Suddenly, I give a flip about Grant.

Finally, Clark is back at the Fortress to inquire Jor-El as to the whereabouts of Kara.  Jor-El, displeased with Clark.  He informs Clark that his defiance can’t go without consequence.  The fortress begins to glow bright white.  The light becomes brighter and brighter until….Executive Producers Al Gough and Miles Millar.

Why was this episode so good?  Why do I consider it one of the best if not THE best episode of the season? 

1.  Fortress action.  After not seeing the fortress at all after the premiere of Season 6, it was awesome to see so much of the show taking place in the Fortress of Solitude.

2.  Helen Slater – I think Slater does a wonderful job as Lara.   Her scene with Lana, while brief, was powerful.  She looks into the very soul of Lana and, in a moment of sheer goodness, tries to use the time she has with Lana to pull her back from the mistakes she’s made.  I love Helen Slater, she is a great actress and she brought an elegance, gentility, strength and a quiet passion to the role of Lara.  What a wonderful choice for the role that goes far beyond standard stunt casting.  She sings too…check her out.

3.  Twists and turns Smallville style – While I knew the Kara with no memory thing was coming because of the Sprint videos that were released, it is still a pretty major turn that Clark’s concern is to find his cousin and he has no idea that she’s in Motor City without a clue as to who she is or what she can do.  The big twist though is the existence of Julian Luthor.  Is it really?  Could Grant just be pulling a fast one on Lex?  I doubt it, but Julian can’t survive…there’s only room for one Luthor.  And did I mention that Derek was wrong and I was right about who he was talking to at the end of Wrath?

4.  The Cliffhanger.  I love the midseason, pre-break cliffhangers that the creators throw in and this one is one of the most thought provoking yet.   The whole show ended with the Fortress building to a blinding light as Jor-El was getting ready to reprimand Clark for his disobedience yet again.  What will he do? (Who knows?) Can it be wrapped up within the opening moments of the next episode? (Probably not.) Will Clark finally stand up to Jor-El and try to come to an understanding?(Not likely)

This episode was a perfect example of why Smallville has continued to be fairly successful even into it’s seventh season.  While it has definitely moved out of the realm of teen drama and into full on science fiction, it’s still a fun show, a dramatic show, and a show that you can talk about for days without ever coming to any real conclusions about questions and cliffhangers.  It’s sad that this season is apparently going to be cut short due to the ongoing strike, but it’s encouraging that we haven’t had a real dud this season.  All stops have been pulled out and it’s full steam ahead into the last half of this crazy ride.

I give the episode a full on 5 out of 5 whatever I award 5 of because my jaw is still slightly ajar at the living breathingness of Julian, Zor-El’s confrontation with Lionel, Lara’s talk with Lana, Fortress fighting goodness, and Smallville greatness.   Two weeks until the next new episode.  (Remember when they were “fresh?”)  Until then, head over to Starkville’s House of El Website, check out what the guys at SHoE thought, chat with us on the forums, and let us hear your thoughts.

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  1. Big B Says:

    I agree that this is the best episode of the season. My chin is now bruised from the number of times my jaw dropped to the floor during this episode.

  2. bighonkin Says:

    that’s what she said

  3. Goblinmoon Says:

    nice rundown, but there’s a typo in the link to Helen Slater’s website!

  4. bighonkin Says:

    fixed. Thanks.

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