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Smallville Review – Season 7 Episode 7 “Wrath”



Posted by Steve

For all intents and purposes, I was expecting Wrath to be a bit of a filler episode.  I “filler” is an episode where the overall story arc isn’t really progressed, and the episode seems to be there simply because it has to be.

While I was a bit creeped out in the opening moments of the show, I was overall pleasantly surprised…check that…I really enjoyed Wrath. 

Without doing too much of recap, the main plot points of the story are these, Clark’s powers are transferred to Lana via a lightning/kryptonite mixture.  Either because the lightning initially hit a windmill and traveled to Clark or because Lana was throwing the kryptonite away, Clark retained his powers.  Lana of course goes power crazy and decides to go after Lex.  Through her batcave behind Isis, Lana sees Lex talking to a doctor in his employ about a project called Project: Scion.  The doctor shows Lex a container with kryptonite on top and some black liquid that apparently used to be dust.  It is sentient and wants out.   Lana breaks into the mansion, rips up a safe and steals the hard drive with information about Scion on it. 

Lex confronts Clark about the missing hard drive.  Lana beats up Lois and Grant to get a story defacing Lex published.  Lana then attacks Lex to get him to take her to Scion.  While there we find out that Lex is basically preparing for an alien attack.  He is convinced that more kryptonians are on the way.  He also does a bit of playing with Lana’s head and tells her that she still loves him. As he kisses her, she chokes him and throws him to the side…of course knocking him out…Clark shows up.  He and Lana have a quick little fight and the container with the kryptonite liquid rolls toward Lana effectively weakening her.  Clark smashes the container releasing the black ooze, takes an electrical cord holds it to himself and the kryptonite to regain the power from Lana.  In the end, Chloe lays the law down, Lex gets inside Clark’s head, and Clark doesn’t respond when Lana expresses her need for Clark to love her no matter what.  Oh yeah, and the ooze?  Oozed into a lab tech…

This episode is one of those “set-up” episodes where a lot happens, but nothing happens.  While that sounds negative, it isn’t at all.

Lex showed how adept he is at getting into people’s heads, especially Clark’s.  Lana finally snapped.  Went right over that precipice Lionel warned her about.  Chloe stepped it up and reaffirmed her loyalty to Clark.  And Brainiac’s loose.

This episode could have gone either way, and early on I was afraid it was going to go bad.  The whole attempt at humor by having Clark and Lana’s…uhm…physical escapades cause tremors in Smallville came across more offputting than funny.  The real humor of that whole situation was when Clark realized exactly the kind of things that Lana and Chloe confide in each other.  After that though, it was on.

Lex is truly the ultimate villain. He is still looking into the whole spaceship thing, preparing for an invasion.  And if he can line his pockets while looking out for the world, well, saving the Earth has to have it’s benefits.

Chloe is the most steady of all of our mains even in the midst of dealing with her krypto power.   Her unwaivering devotion to Clark, not out of some personal motive of feelings she has for him, only serves to reaffirm my television crush on her and it makes her one of the most noble characters on the show right now.

Lana, as I said, has snapped.  It may be that the only way for her to find her way back to some type of goodness is to lose Clark.  It is interesting the episode ended with him not responding to the “love me no matter what” comment.  Two or three years ago he wouldn’t have hesitated to say that he does.  Now, because of what Lana has become, he’s not so sure.

I don’t think Lana is evil, I just think she’s tired of being the victim.  Let’s face it.  She was the ultimate victim at the hand of Lex.   The two most evil things he has done (and possible will ever do) is to twist Lana into the woman who felt she had to become what she is just to survive and to cause her to believe she was pregnant only to make her think she lost the baby.  To cause anyone that kind of heartache and pain just because you want them to be in a relationship with you is the most psychotic, twisted, evil thing you could do.   Lana is who she is now because she will not be the victim anymore.

Then there are the things she said to Clark while she had the power.  Things that only served to stab at his self doubt and the foundation of his convictions and feelings.  She expresses a lack of understanding that many posess.  If he can do all that he can do, why isn’t he more proactive in changing things.   Even if it means getting his hands dirty.  Honestly, if Lana can’t come to the point that she understands the why to Clark, she can never truly love him and be with him. 

So this episode provided many cracks in the relationship that Clana fans have been hoping for all along.

The wedge between Clark and Lex was driven even deeper, and it’s interesting to see them on screen together.  While we are getting Clark and Lex moments still, they are very sparse and seldom anything but two guys dancing around the issues between them.  Conversations like the ones they had in Wrath reveals just how much these two no longer like each other.

Before I wrap it up, I need to mention the Lois/Grant relationship.  Shall we call it Grois.  Don’t like it.   Haven’t liked him since he came on board.  There’s something about his line delivery that always seems forced.  Also, I don’t understand Lois’ interest in him. 

What I really don’t understand is how Lois could miss the hard drive on his desk hooked up to his computer.   I guess she was only interested in snogging with the guy.  (That’s for all of my friends across the pond.)

I give this episode a solid 3 out 5 whatever I give 5 of.  The reason I knock off a couple of points comes down to the sexquake early in the episode and the use of music that sounded like it belonged in Nightmare Before Christmas and not Smallville.   Oh, and that cheesy horse ride at the beginning.   It’s not the horse riding that’s so cheesy, but the song that belonged in a seventies Barbara Streisand romance movie.  

Next week could be very interesting as we get the return of Helen Slater as Lara in “Blue.”

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