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Geek Out Online Happenings



Posted by Steve

The past week has been pretty hectic in real life and I have had to put the geeking out on a bit of a hold as I have been in and out of the hospital with my dad.  Everything is ok, but real life will put the skids on the fun sometimes.

 Because of all that’s gone on with me, I wasn’t able to get a fifth episode of Geek Out Loud recorded over the weekend, and I decided to just go ahead and wait until the end of this week to record, but there is much to discuss, so go ahead and throw names for the Heroes clan into the hat, and let me hear what you want to geek out about.

Finally, Geek Out Online is about to get a really neat push in the form of yours truly guest hosting Starkville’s House of El podcast. That’s right, Derek has asked me to come on the show and share thoughts about this week’s episode of Smallville, Lara. It looks to be a huge episode and I am soooo greatful for this huge oppurtunity. So make sure to check it out.

Also this week, I will post my full review of “Action,” the latest episode of Smallville, there may be some neat news out of THE DARK KNIGHT camp as the candle burns down at, and hopefully we’ll get back to the almost daily blogging that the site has become famous for (yeah, right), culminating in what will hopefully be a great episode of Geek Out Loud.

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