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Smallville Season 7 Episode 3 – “Fierce” Review



Posted by Steve

The third episode of this season’s Smallville really surprised me.  From the official pictures and desciption offered up by CW, I expected a teeny bopper/meteor freakish type episode.  What we were treated to, however, was a deepening of the Clark/Lana relationship, a creepier Lex than we’ve seen in a while, and a likeable Kara. 

The show opens with Clark and Kara unloading Corn at a booth at Smallville’s annual Sweet Corn festival.  Kara is complaining about the need to find the crystal from her ship.  Clark, desparately trying to pull the reigns in on her a bit tells Kara that she needs to be more concerned with fitting in.  Kara then sees Jimmy, asks how to fit in with him, and almost lights up the fair with her heat vision.   Clark calms her down.  They then talk about the tie capsule that apparently has the map to a treasure hidden somewhere in Smallville.   Then, we are treated to the arrival of the Weather Girls.    Kara is handed a flyer about the Miss Sweet Corn pageant and makes the statement that fitting in may be more fun than she thought.


Anywho, we are immediately treated to the return of Lana to barn as Clark is working on the tractor.  Let’s talk the tractor on the farm really quick.  It seems to me that they never use the thing, they only work on it.  That’s beside the point.  As Lana shows up, the scene is played out beautifully with no dialogue between Lana and Clark.  There is only the look of surprise, turned to confusion, turned to joy on Clark’s face, and Lana silently helping Clark realize this is all very real. 

As Clark and Lana are talking in the living room, Clark tells Lana that his life has gotten more complicated.   As he tells her this, a bikini-clad Kara comes ’round the corner.  (Say it five times fast.)  Clark quickly explains that Kara is his cousin.  He tells Kara that she needs to be more undercover and this is not…cover.  Lana leaves the two to work out the situation and Clark of course diapproves of Kara entering the pageant.   She throws him being captain of the football team in his face and he says that she has to learn to control her abilities.  This leads to a fun scene in the barn where Clark burns a face onto a Watermelon demonstrating his careful control of his heat vision.  (And the fact that they couldn’t find any pumpkins when the episode was being filmed.)  He challenges Kara to do the same, and she promptly blows the watermelon up covering Clark in melon innards. Funny stuff.

One of the weather girls is on her phone with someone talking about leaving.  As she steps into a back room of the Talon, the place suddenly freezes up.

Here’s where things heat up….or ice down.  The girl was trying to get out of the little three-plastic crime ring she and her buddies had set up.  So they killed her.

Back at the Planet, Jimmy shows Chloe a pciture of the frozen plasti-cicle.  Chloe doesn’t feel like she needs to go hunting down meteor freaks, but the editor of the Planet steps in and convinces her otherwise.   So off she and Jimmy go.  Of course tracking down meteor freaks is old hat to Chloe who quickly discovers the secret to the three weather girls, but not before Jimmy is put on ice by one, and saved by Kara.

Let’s talk Jimmy on ice for a minute….now he knows how his twin in the Marvel Universe feels.  I thought it was a nice touch and just enough of a nod to fans without being too blatant that Aaronn Ashmore’s twin brother is, of course, Iceman over in the X-Men films.

Well, Ice girl sees Kara save Jimmy and she and her friend…uhm…Windy….just kidding….ask her to join them in stealing the treasure that the map in the time capsule leads to.   They show Kara an old picture of a couple of guys sitting in front of a tent full of gold.  Kara sees, hanging from the tent, something that looks like Kryptonian jewelry.

As the weather girls go to break into the tiem capsule, they find it already pried open.  As Kara wins the Miss Sweet Corn Pageant, she is arrested for her vandalism and theft.

Meanwhile, Lana and Lex have a talk in which we find out two things:

1.  Lana has been cleared of all charges in faking her death and

2. She funnelled ten million dollars out from under Lex to help herself disappear.

Also, the agent from the Department of Domestic Security shows up asking Lex why he’s looking for the girl he drew.  Lex lets on that he knows what the Department has been up to, and how they found a ship. He then gives all of his research into the meteor rocks, the ship from season 5, and the phantoms to the agent under the guise that he’s a changed man and is only interested in protecting the Earth from an invasion.

Clark visits Kara in jail and gets her to tell him what she remembers about the map.  He comes upon the weather girls jsut as they unearth the box containing the Kryprtonian thingie.  He talks big and bad but the Weather girl whose power we’ve not seen yet conjures up a little tornado that rustles up some kryptonite and lays Clark out.  Kara arrives on the scene and takes the girls out with a throw and a flying kick to the face. 

In the end we find out that the symbols on the jewelry are some kind of Kryptonian S.O.S., Kara is going to work at the Talon, Jimmy is declaring war on krypto-freaks everywhere which makes Chloe nervous as a meteor freak herself, and Lex talks to Kara.  This is a huge conversation where we find that Lex still thinks Clark’s secret pertains to powers and abilities.  He tells Kara he can protect her, and, asks if shes a protector or a warning. 

Oh, and Lana tells Clark she wants to grow old with him.

The third episode of Season 1 was called Hothead. It had Kevin Arnold’s dad as a coach.

The third episode of Season 2 was called Duplicity.  Pete found out Clark’s secret.

The third episode of Season 3 was called Extinction.  Clark got shot with a Kryptonite bullet.

The third episode of Season 4 was called Facade.  It was about plastic surgery.

The third episode of Season 5 was called Hidden.  It was one of the best Smallville episode’s of all time.

The third episode of Season 6 was called Wither.  Ollie dressed up as Robin Hood and shot the tab off of a soda can.

I expected this episode to be as entertaining (read crappy.) as Season 4’s Scabby Abby episode, but I was pleasantly surprised as it was as good as Season 1’s third episode, “Hothead.”  This episode was entertaining, touching, and intriguing.  While the writer’s could have gone overboard with the plasticness of the weather girls, they hardly focused on them, making them bearable as villians, and a good test for Kara in her first real encounter with meteor freaks.

The idea that there may be another Kryptonian on Earth is interesting because of the stress it causes Clark.  After all, he’s only ever known other Kryptonian’s to be on Earth with less than noble aspirations.

The progression of Lex’s character to spurned lover around Lana to manipulative Lionel-like baddie around Kara and The Department of Domestic Security is wonderfully handled by the writers and by Michael Rosenbaum.

While Kara could be written very static and cardboardy as a whiny teenager who just wants to live her life, the writers have given her a pretty good depth of character that is both interesting and entertaining to watch.   Her journey this season should be fun.

While I’m not a Clana fan, I found myself really enjoying Clark and Lana sitting around sipping Lemonade and talking openly about powers and dealing with Kara.  While I’m not lookivg forward to the drama that these two will inevitably go through again, I am looking forward to hopefully one more episode with these two on the same page.

Overall, I give this episode a 3 out of 5 with the hopes that this season continues to exceed my expectations.

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