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More Delays Than

A DC Comic



Posted by Steve

Hey everyone.  Ever since Friday I have been trying to make the special collector’s Edition Episode 1 of Geek Out Loud perfect for listening audiences.  I was ready to upload it today and move forward with the thing. 

Unfortunately, I am internet and website illiterate (I don’t even think I spelled that right.)  and didn’t realize that I had to change a few things about my hosting to get a podcast properly uploaded.   Well, all that has changed. 

Hopefully, by the end of the day on Tuesday, the first episode will be up and running.  Although it’s later than an issue of Ultimates 2. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding as I know I’ve not posted anything of note in the past few days.  It’s all because I’ve been focused on the podcast. 

Also, because I know that waiting only makes expectations increase, please give me at least three episodes to get into the sweing of things and at least 10 before you actually enjoy it.  After 10 episodes, if you don’t like it…then leave it.  But I think we’ll have a good thing going long before then.

Until then, E-mail me or leave a comment here on the website.

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