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Posted by Steve

If the Joker can do it, then so can I.  I’m not sending anyone out on any quest, but today I spoke with a friend who wants to do an amateur ghost hunt tonight.  We have the location.  We have the situation, and we’re gonna record it all.  So, tonight, All Hallow’s Eve Ghost Hunt in South Georgia.  Tomorrow, Special post-Halloween-pre-actual-podcast edition of Geek Out Loud. 

 “When there’s something strange in your neighborhood.  Who ya gonna call?”


heh heh heh

Big Honkin Steve’s Review of Smallville Season 7 Episode 5 – “Action”



Posted by Steve

Three words:  Holy.  Monkey.  Spit.

 That’s how I felt after watching “Action” this past Thursday night. 

When I watch a television show, I watch for the story and the characters.  If those elements catch my attention and entertain me, then I enjoy the show. 

When I watch a Superman television show, I go in already loving most of the characters, so if the story’s good, I’m sold.

When I watch Smallville, I watch it because there are episodes like this one. 

The theme of this episode is denial.  From Lana’s denial that she can’t live the double life she’s attempting to live, to Clark’s denial that his destiny is bigger than Smallville, even to psycho-geek boy’s denial that his methods are wrong, the show is chock full of it. 

Biggest of all denials though was Clark’s denial to begin to fulfill his destiny.  He’s been doing this since season 2, and it gets more frustrating, but not to the point that I walk away angered.  It’s weird.  I wanted Clark to look at the cape, embrace what it meant, throw it over his shoulder and walk into the house with it.  But the imagery of the cape flapping in the breeze as Clark walked away was so sad and powerful, that I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement knowing that this season is now all about Clark stepping into his role as hero, symbol of hope, and ultimately legend.

The special effects were great.  I watched Clark’s first save of Rachel Davenport three times upon my first viewing jsut because it looked so dern cool.  (Yes, dern is a technical term.  It is an adverb used to apply a level of intensity to an adjective.  For example, someone may say, “It’s really hot today.”  only to be reprimanded by someone who says “No, it’s DERN hot.”)(But I digress.)  From that moment, I knew it was ON.

Clark’s stopping of a bullet was done incredibly well.  I love the decision to show everything from Clark’s view point and without warning, at the last second, switch to psycho-geek-boy’s point of view.  That whole segment was just fantastic.

Then, in old school Smallville fashion, it’s Clark to Lana’s rescue as she’s pushed off of Ollie’s old penhouse balcony.  Let the debates rage:  flying or falling? You decide.  I vote for a mixture of both.  And while I find it hard to ignore the physics of Lana being able to survive the fall even in Clark’s arms, I loved that whole moment.  I did kind of expect Clark to push off of the building behind him and leap to another building, but I can see where he’d choose property destruction over that choice.  In his defense, that was probably psycho-geek-boy’s getaway vehicle.

Then there’s Lana in this episode.  All this time, it was her keeping Lionel hidden away.  Using a pot-growing-if-not-smoking-Kathy-Bates-in-Misery-wannabe.  Marilyn was just CRAZY!  With a capital LOONY!  Lana even looked a bit psycho when right after taking Lionel out with a shovel, her phone rings and she sees it’s Clark.  The look that crossed face was the expression of a truly disturbed individual and the fact that she’s learned to lie so easily to Clark.  To speak to him as if nothing’s wrong in the midst of a situation like that so casually, shows how truly close she’s come to the precipice that Lionel speaks to her about…if not how far over it she’s fallen.

Then, there’s the cape.  Ah, the cape.  Again, a powerful yet sad image, that looked great.  The question now is, what is it going to take for Clark to seek out his destiny?  He was ready when he thought Lana was dead.  I get the idea that even when he finds Kara’s crystal, his focus is still going to be on being happy on the farm in Smallville.  It’s time Clark.  It’s time.

A couple of questions that I have from the show:

–  Did psycho-geek-boy protect Clark’s secret because he’s seen the error of his ways, or because in his psycho mind he has to protect the secret of the hero?

–  In the Warrior Angel lore that we know of, didn’t Devilicus prove himself to be evil well after issue number 5?  I seem to remember Lex talking about the issue with Ryan in Season 2.  It seemed like it was issue 66.  So the numbering seems off.  Nitpicky yes, but interesting nonetheless.

–  Did Rachel Davenport look a bit like Saved By the Bell’s Lisa Turtle to anyone else?

Overall, I have to give this episode a 5 out of 5 whatever I give five of.  I liked it that much.  It was a fun episode that answered some questions, created some more, moved our character closer to realizing his destiny (whether he likes it and knows it or not), and we got Lionel back.  (That in and of itself merits a 5).

Check out Geek Out Loud later in the week for my favorite quotes of the show.

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Geek Out Online Happenings



Posted by Steve

The past week has been pretty hectic in real life and I have had to put the geeking out on a bit of a hold as I have been in and out of the hospital with my dad.  Everything is ok, but real life will put the skids on the fun sometimes.

 Because of all that’s gone on with me, I wasn’t able to get a fifth episode of Geek Out Loud recorded over the weekend, and I decided to just go ahead and wait until the end of this week to record, but there is much to discuss, so go ahead and throw names for the Heroes clan into the hat, and let me hear what you want to geek out about.

Finally, Geek Out Online is about to get a really neat push in the form of yours truly guest hosting Starkville’s House of El podcast. That’s right, Derek has asked me to come on the show and share thoughts about this week’s episode of Smallville, Lara. It looks to be a huge episode and I am soooo greatful for this huge oppurtunity. So make sure to check it out.

Also this week, I will post my full review of “Action,” the latest episode of Smallville, there may be some neat news out of THE DARK KNIGHT camp as the candle burns down at, and hopefully we’ll get back to the almost daily blogging that the site has become famous for (yeah, right), culminating in what will hopefully be a great episode of Geek Out Loud.

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A Different Take on the Incredible Hulk



Posted by Steve

As I said in the latest episode of Geek Out Loud, I am really looking forward to next Summer’s THE INCREDIBLE HULK.  Everything that I’ve read or heard (with the exception of a few tidbits about the script that leaked around six months ago) has given me high hopes for Marvel’s big screen relaunch of the franchise.

For whatever reason, I’ve been going back and watching a lot of the original television episodes of the Incredible Hulk starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.   I loved the show as a kid and my favorite part was when David Banner would get tossed into a room, or over a counter, or down some steps, or wherever and his eyes would go that whitish-green color and the clothes would begin to rip and then when all of the mean people thought they had everything in hand…BOOM!  Here comes the Hulk.

My favorite part of the show as an adult is when David Banner gets tossed into a room, or over a counter…well, you don’t need another run-on sentence, you get the idea.

While it is a show from the late seventies/early eighties, and the acting is a bit over the top sometimes, it still has a timeless feel and a heart that makes the show enjoyable to watch even to this day.

Last night, I was watching an episode entitled “Kindred Spirit.”  The episode is about a group of archeologists digging on the territory of the Navajo when they find a cave painting depicting a man growing into something else.  The lead archeologist thinks that it is the link between primitive man and modern day man.  Dr. David Banner (physician, scientist) thinks otherwise.  As he joins the dig team and begins to help unlock the mystery of this ancient Hulk, we find that some among the Navajo people feel like they are being exploited and recieving nothing from the white man for the desecration of their sacred burial grounds.

In one scene, Lone Wolf, the elder chieftan of this particular group, portrayed by Chief Dan George, tells some young boys of the first hunter.  He is describing this ancient Hulk.  One of the boys asks him, “Why green?”

Lone Wolf’s answer is one that I have never known to be explored in the comics or any other adaptation of the Hulk:  “To be above hate…If he were any of the colors of man, that race would think they were superior.  So he is green…the only one.”

While comic writers and movie makers have for years focused primarily on the savage nature of the Hulk or the splintered nature of Bruce Banner’s psyche, one thing that was apparent from earlier issues of the Hulk has gotten lost in the mix.  The Hulk’s ready acceptance of anyone no matter the race, creed, or color, as long as they accepted him.

I always had a problem with referring to the green, unintelligent Hulk, as “savage.”  Because to me, he never was savage.  He was fierce, he was a force to be reckoned with, he could cause incredible destruction, but it was never really the Hulk who just decided to wreck things.  He was almost always provoked.  The Hulk, as has been pointed out by many writers, is almost like a child.  He says he wants to be left alone, but what he really wants is acceptance.  He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but he doesn’t know how to keep his tantrums in check.

Anywho, the idea of the Hulk being “beyond hate” is a unique view of the character and one that I really like.  Why?  Because more than anything the Hulk is beyond hate.  Yeah, he hates the army, he hates General Ross, right now in the comics he hates Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Dr. Strange, but at his core, he doesn’t really hate.  He knows passion, he knows rage, but it comes from hurt.  It comes from being misunderstood.

Therein lies the real tragedy of th Incredible Hulk.  Not that Bruce Banner is cursed to become the monster whenever he becomes outraged, not that his life has been destroyed because of the monster, but that he never took the time to understand the Hulk.  He never took the time to realize that the Hulk is Banner and Banner is the Hulk.  They aren’t two separate beings, they are one and the same.   Bruce has used to the Hulk, controlled the Hulk, and separated himself from the Hulk, but he has never sought to understand him.  If he did, the story would shift dramamtically.

In a time when most people look at the Hulk as nothing more than a big monster that’s going to give us the fun of seeing things smashed to bits, I hope that Marvel will take Hulk back to being a hero.   He is after all a hero.  I’ll admit, he’s one of the original anti-heroes, but a hero nonetheless.

I guess that’s what I always liked about the Hulk.  We all at some point in our lives feel like we’re misunderstood, we all want to lash out.   The Hulk is the ultmate outsider.  He is the pinnacle of being misunderstood.  And he has no comunctions about lashing out.  But as deeply as he feels mistunderstood, as savagely as he lashes out, he knows compassion for his friends.   He will accept a friend no matter what.  He is the Hulk.  Unbridled emotion for the bad…and the good.  

I just thought it was neat that here is a take on the Hulk that has seldom been explored.  His compassion.   His total lack of prejudice.     The Hulk is a Hero. 

If you really want to have some fun check out some of the DVD’s below and support the site while you’re at it.

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Geek Out Loud Episode 4 – A New Hope ( I had to do it.)



Posted by Steve

In this episode, BACK TO THE FUTURE gets an honorable mention, The Incredible Hulk is looking good, Justice League gives me a Smallville headache, and Heroes inspires a challenge.  I do get a little negative towards the good folks at Warner Brothers Studios, so I apologize in advance.  This is supposed to be a positive place. 

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