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Posted by Steve

We are only about a week and a half away from the season premiere of Smallville. my experience with Smallville this year will be comparible to my experience with the first season in that I am determined to remain as spoiler free as possible. Here’s what I know about the seventh season of the CW’s flagship show.

1. Supergirl is making her appearance in Smallville right off the bat. In fact, it looks like she is going to be a huge part of the first half of the season. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’ve learned to trust the creators of the show when they bring a in new character from the mythology. That is, until they brought in Jimmy Olsen. I didn’t like this decision mainly because I didn’t like the characterization of Jimmy. That allowed me to go into my geeky nit-picks about the the character being on Smallville. (He’s supposed to be a cub reporter/photgrapher when Lois and Clark are working on the Planet as adults. He’s supposed to kind of idolize Clark, not be a rival with him. You know, those kind of things.) Supergirl is also one of those characters that never really got off the ground (so to speak) with me. Apparently, there’s a twist to the character that will further bend the mythology of Superman that I’m not sure how I feel about either.

2. Dean Cain is finally coming to Smallville. Fans have been clamoring for this for a few years now. Unfortunately, fans were hoping that Cain would play the son of Dr. Virgil Swann and Bridgette Crosby, and that’s not what’s happening. Cain will be playing Curtis Knox (note the initials). Knox is apparently a Vandal Savage type character. Just click on the name if you are unfamiliiar with who Savage is.

3. Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and other Justice Leaguers will be making appearances this season (sans Bruce Wayne) with J’onn J’onzz making an appearance in the season premiere.

I can only speculate after all of that. My speculations?

1. This is the last season of Smallville. It hasn’t been said, and it’s only been hinted at if you dig into a few news bites and comments from the past year. What is for sure is that Michael Rosenbaum isn’t contracted for another season, and while you don’t need Lex, he’s become such an integral part of the show that I honestly can’t see Smallville continuing without him.

2. This season can only go one of two ways really bad or really good. There is no middle ground. Frankly, I wasn’t blown away with Season 6 as a whole. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed episodes like “Justice”. I especially enjoyed the season premiere “Zod,” and the makers of the show once again proved that they know how to do a season finale with “Phantom.” Overall, though, I felt like there was too much the creators were trying to get in to the season. You had the Zoners that Clark was supposed to rounding up, Lana and Lex getting married because she was pregnant, then she lost the baby, then she was never pregnant (Surely they were going somewhere else with that and backed down.), there was the Green Arrow, the Martian Manhunter, the Justice League, is Lionel good or bad, will Lionel and Martha hook up, and Jimmy Olsen. It just seemed as though there was never really a clear direction for the season after the season premiere. This season, it seems like more of the same, I know they can do it well though. I know they can make me like Supergirl. I know they can make me interested in Lana’s fate. It’s just gonna take a bit of work on their part.

3. The season premiere should be wonderful. I mean it’s Clark against Smallville’s version of Bizarro. I’ve always loved Bizarro. I really enjoy the hero fighting with a twisted version of himself. So, I’m looking forward to the season premiere. I just hope it’s a good fight.

4. Lana’s alive and, contrary to popular belief, she’s not in the truck that oh-so-conveniently passed by just before the explosion. I think she went a different way. And I think Lionel was helping her fake her death.

If you’re looking for Smallville spoilers, or breaking news, I have found that the best site is KryptonSite The crew over there does a great job with bringing you spoilers, news, pics, and in-depth Smallville coverage

If podcasts are your thing, check out Starkville’s House of El Podcast. (Got the link to work that time) This is one of the most well produced podcasts on the internet and the guys have a genuinely good time on the show.

Also, just around the riverbend is the season premiere of the Batman, Kids WB’s cartoon version of the Dark Knight, and The Legion of Super Heroes, another Kids WB cartoon.

I’m super-psyched about Heroes starting up, and I feel a little guilty about not talking about the best show on television a lot here. Don’t worry…I will.

I think I’m most excited about the launching of the official podcast of Geek Out Online – Geek Out Loud. Every week, I hope to have guests (read friends) on the show to talk Smallville, Heroes, comics, and other comic related stuff. That all happens Friday, September 28th right here on this website.

So tell your friends, and coerce your family into reading and listening. If you have comments, leave them. If you feel the urge to e-mail, please do. Remember, this is a safe place for geeks everywhere.

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