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Leaked Dark Knight Photos



Posted by Steve

The biggest leak yet from the upcoming movie THE DARK KNIGHT came in the form of pictures last week.  Several sites had the pics posted only to be asked…or ordered(?) by Warner Brothers to take them down. 

Now, I’m not much of a finder.  If something leaks and I want to see it, I better be there when it first hits the net.  Otherwise, I just get to read or hear descriptions.  Fortunately, though, I have a contact who has contacts.  (Sometimes he wears glasses.)(Ugh…baaaad joke.)So, when I heard of these leaked pics, I gave him a call.  A few hours later, I checked my inbox and there they were. 

I don’t feel right posting them.  Obviously, Warner Brothers doesn’t want them out there, and I don’t want to end up being the website that only saw two months old.

However, suffice to say they look great.   The pictures are all one picture arranged filmstrip style.  There are about 18 of them on the strip of pics.  Instead of describing each on individually, I will just give the highlights.  This stuff will contain spoilers, so you are warned.

If you’ve read the description of the footage shown at Wizard World Chicago, then you will be familiar with two of the pictures. They are of Joker and Batman in an interrogation type room.  One is the Joker sitting in a chair with Batman behind him, and the next has the Joker on the ground with Batman standing over him. 

There is a shot of Batman riding the Batpod.  A shot of the Batmobile. 

There is a picture similar to the one released where the Joker has Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Rachel Dawes at knifepoint.  This particuliar picture looks to be a continuation of that scene.

There is a picture of Batman perched on Jim Gordon’s back porch, a pic of him looking over the city at night, and a couple of action shots.  One has him on the side of a van slicing through the side.   The other two are of him descending (similar to what he did in Arkham in BATMAN BEGINS) and landing on top of a car, smashing it pretty good.

There are a couple of shots of Bruce and Alfred together.  Most interesting is a shot of them in a very well lit room.  The picture of the Batmobile is in this same area and there is a shot of a pretty elaborate computer set up in the same area.  Could this be the new Batcave?  Most likely.  The question I have is, will there be a well lit area like this is the cave, or will they apply filters and stuff to darken and “dank it up” a bit?

The coup de grace for me though is the last pic in the strip.  It is a close up of the Joker. It’s interesting to note that unlike previous incarnations, apparently, his white skin is makeup.  He looks like he’s been through the ringer does Joker and his makeup is streaking and smearing a bit and the green color is coming out of his hair. 

Also of note is that in every picture, the Joker is wearing his trademark purple clothes. 

In the photos there are no pictures of Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, which means no sign of the scene mentioned in the Wizard World footage description.

So there it is, not necessarily a pic by pic detailed description, but you get the gist.

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