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Heard it Here Last –

Transformers: Even More

Than Meets the Eye



Posted by Steve

SuperHeroHype is reporting that Paramount Pictures will be re-releasing Michael Bay’s Transformers in IMAX theatres with additional footage.  The report doesn’t say how much additional footage or what exactly will be shown, but this is great news as far as I’m concerned.

Count me in the number who stood up and cheered TRANSFORMERS when it came to the big screen.  Yes, Optimus had flames, and moving lips, but the truth is in the cartoon, he was one of only a handful whose mouths were never shown.  So to see his mouth move on the big screen didn’t bother me too much.

If I were to nitpickthe movie, it would be that I didn’t like some of the voices of the other characters, in particuliar, Ironhide.  I don’t know why they gave him a British accent.  He’s supposed to have a good ole’ southern drawl.  Oh well.

While as a Transformers fan from waaaay back, I see the issues other transfans had with the movie, I still loved it.  So, when I hear that there is going to be more footage…and the film is going to be shown in IMAX…well, I giggle…I giggle like a fat girl left alone in a room of Twinkies.

By the way, you can read some of my oldest blogs ever at The Transformers Network. Just look for the articles by Bighonkin…that’s me.

Anywho, I’ll post more on this story as I find out more. But, if you read it here, you can always rest assured that you “heard it here last.”

One Response to “Heard it Here Last –

Transformers: Even More

Than Meets the Eye”

  1. Jesse Says:

    As the biggest Transformer fan ever, I must say that I was a tad disappointed. Although I liked more things about the movie than I disliked. I think the movie could have been better. The movie was good, and you should see it on the big screen for all of its glory, but it just did not live up to the awesomeness that is the Transformers.

    I will begin with the good.

    1. This movie got through the back story quickly without leaving large chunks out. I hate movies that spend 2 hours on back story, and 15 minutes on the movie plot. I liked that Transformers got to the plot quickly.

    2. I liked that all technology came from a retro-fitting of Mega-tron that was a nice touch. I also liked the idea of Section Seven.

    3. The action scenes where the camera was back far enough for you to see what was going on were some of the best action scenes ever.

    4. I liked the way the Autobots were working with teenagers. That was a nice faithfulness to the cartoon.

    5. I liked the way they explained why aliens transformed into vehicles from earth.

    6. I liked Mega-trons voice and attitude. He acted just like Mega-tron should esspecially when he jumped on Starscreem’s case.

    7. Optimus Prime’s speech brought tears to my eyes.

    8. They did a great job leaving the door open for a sequal. Is Mega-tron really dead? He lived throug the North Pole. He can live through the bottom of the ocean. We know Star Scream got away, so I am very excited about Transformers 2. I hope they have Omega Supreme in it.

    But along with the good, there were some things that definitely disappointed me.

    1. The plot has been so overdone. Before you start quoting the Bare Naked Ladies to me, “I know, “it’s all been done.” Every movie plot rips some other movie off, but seriously, they should have ripped off a lesser known plot. Good guys and bad guys racing to find an all powerful object has been overdone…all three Indiana Jones, both Men in Black, the last 2 Pirates, the Fifth Element and on and on and on. The race to find an all powerful object has been way overdone.

    I know a bad plot does not ruin an action movie. If you do not believe me, just ask Jean Claude Van Dam in one of his mansions. Bad plots do not ruin action movies, so this plot did not ruin the movie just did not make it as good as it could have been.

    2. The next thing I did not like was the constant forcing of comedy upon us. If comedy does not fit the scene, leave it out. I did not need to see two guys in their boxer shorts in serious scenes. I did not need to see clumsy Optimus Prime and the other Autobots trample a guys yard. I did not need to see a 15 minute scene with the boy looking for the glasses with a masterbasion comment thrown in. I did not need to see a President Bush guy ask for Ding Dongs. The comedy was too forced, and we all know it is not funny if it’s forced.

    3. The action scenes you could see were great, but they were few and far between. Most of the action scenes were shot too close to the action. The camera were crammed so close to the action, and the camera angles were switch so quickly that I could not tell what was going on. When an Autobot was fighting a Decepticon, I could not tell who was hitting who because of the camera angles and the closeness of the shots. Most of the action scenes were to jumbled to enjoy.

    4. The fight scene between Mega-Tron and Optimus Prime was so anti-climactic. Mega-Tron just kicked the snot out of Optimus, and that was disappointing. I do not mind Mega-Tron winning the fight, but this was no fight. Mega-Tron destroyed him. That fight should have lasted longer.

    5. I think the robot form of the Transformers were too complicated. I know that gaint robots are complicated, but I think they made a huge mistakes with the robot forms of the Transformers. For some reason they put gaps in the chest of each robot, so you could see thier inner workings. This bothered me for a couple of reasons.

    First, the toys did not do this, and a little more faithfulness to the toy would have been appreciated. I know complete faithfulness to the toy is impossible because Optimus would not have has a neck, but as much faithfulness as you can would have been nice.

    Second, If you take their paint jobs away, could you tell which robot went with which vehicle. I could not, and every transformer enthusiest knows, if you want to know what vehicle the transformer robot is, look at their chest. Their chest always told you what vehicle they were: the car hood’s were their chest, the plane’s cock pit was their chest. You could tell so much about the transformer by their chest, but in the movie, their chest had these gaps so you could see thier inner workings, and that bothered me.

    There were also things I did not care about that did not bother me nor excite, but bothered others.

    I did not care that you could see Optimus Prime’s mouth. Just because he never took off his face cover in the cartoon does not mean he couldn’t.

    I did not care that Mega-Tron was no longer a gun. A giant robot shrinking to gun size is a problem in itself, not one that ever bothered me in the cartoon, but one that I could see needed fixing.

    Both of those things were fine to me.

    I enjoyed the movie, but felt there is vast room for improvement.

    Those are my mundane comments on Transformers. I hope you found them pointless.

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