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The Iron Avenger is Now

Marvel’s Golden Child



Posted by Steve

Iron ManI mentioned earlier today the warm reception that Iron Man got at ComiCon.  Actually what I mentioned was the fact that Iron Man was the highlight of the Con for most people.  Well, Marvel is obviously super-excited about the reception Iron Man received in San Diego (or as it was originally pronounced Sahn Dee-Ah-go, scholars maintain that the actual translation has been lost)(Sorry, Ron Burgundy moment.).  So, they have posted several videos from San Diego one their website.  Among the videos are John Favreau discussing the movie and characters.  The most interesting to me though is the video of the Mark 1 Armor.  the Mark 1 Armor is, obviously, the first suit that Tony Stark builds.  What’s coolest about this armor though is just how closely it resembles the original armor from the comic Iron Man Mark One Armorbook.  Surprisingly, this is one of those instances where the designers don’t feel the need to heavily redesign a look from the comic to make it work on screen, and it actually works.  I know that because I’ve seen the footage from ComiCon.  You can too, if you know where to look.   Check out the old school pic of Iron Man’s Armor from the sixties and click here to compare it to the Mark 1 version from the movie. I have to be honest and say that I’ve never been a big fan of Iron Man.  As of late, I especially do not like Tony Stark in the comics.  The animated movie that was released back in January left a lot to be desired in my opinion, but this looks like it’s shaping up to be an awesome ride.

Click hereto check out the video with the armor, the car, and some comments from people involved with the film.

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Marvel’s Golden Child”

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