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Always The Last on the Scene

San Diego ComiCon Highlights



Posted by Steve

I haven’t updated at all this week because I have been moving, and over the weekend I had a slight techie snafu that kept me from posting.  (Special thanks go out to NCN at
The No Credit Needed Blog
for all of his help in getting things fixed.)

Anywho, San Diego ComiCon was this past weekend, and as is the case every year, there was much going on, much to see, and much to speculate on after the weekend wrapped.

Now, I wasn’t there, but I tried to follow all of the bits and pieces of news that came out from the Con as best I could.  Here are the highlights for me:

The Dark Knight

While Warner Brothers said there would be no Dark Knight presence, the guerilla markters were in San Diego en force. Apparently they scattered some fake ones around with the picture of George Washington “Joker’d up” and the words “One Dollar” replaced with “WhySoSerious.” Thus was launched and discovered
The page started as a bit of a game for the folks at ComiCon. During the game, people who got involved found themselves getting painted up Joker style and following a scavenger hunt-like trail of clues. At the end of the quest? The Dark Knight Teaser. Yes, it’s the one that was leaked just before ComiCon. It’s not a very good teaser for non-fans, but if you are a fan, and have some knowledge of Batman and the Joker, then there’s enough there to get a little excited. After all of that, one could go to the website and get a feel for what the participants experienced. The website has now changed to redirect to

Indiana Jones and the….
Paramount made the biggest splash at the Con with their panel that included news about the new Star Trek movie (Sylar from Heroes plays a young Spock), Iron Man (which we will get to), and Indiana Jones. This move really surprised me, I don’t know why, it just did. I think it’s just that I didn’t expect anything this cool from Indiana Joneas at ComiCon. Instead of me trying to describe the video, just check it out

And then there’s this cool little video game trailer. I loved the Star Wars Lego games and this looks to be just as fun.

Iron Man
This was probably the biggest surprise of the con. From every report I’ve read, this is what most people were talking about. Yes, Hasbro showed off some great toys. Yes, there were a few really good comic book panels. Yes, there was a screening of Superman: Doomsday (which I will be picking up in September). Yes, there was a Heroes and Smallville panel, but this is what caught the people’s imagination. Apparently, Jon Favreau and the folks at Paramount pulled one over on the audience by kicking off the panel with footage from Iron Man. As the crowd got excited, on the big screens popped up clips of the cartoon from the 60’s. Favreau then came out with a camera telling everyone he was going to be the first to put it on YouTube. Funny stuff. Then the cast came out, answered some questions and the audience was treated to incredible footage from Iron Man. Yes, I’ve seen it. Highlights? The Mark 1 Iron Man armor in action complete with flame throwers. Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark. Iron Man outrunning two fighter jets. (Leave a comment and remind me what type of jets, I don’t know. The military ones. Really fast. You know.) It was more than anyone could have hoped for. It was leaked to YouTube and removed before too long, but if you
around, you can find it.

The Incredible Hulk
With Paramount overshadowing practically everything, what else could there be? Well,this…

As far as I’m concerned…’Nuff said. I love this look of the Hulk. It excites me to no end. I really think this movie is going to be everything that Ang Lee’s Hulk was supposed to be.

Other Stuff

* Would have loved to see that Superman: Doomsday screening, all the buzz is that it is a great movie and the story is handled very well.

* In one of the animated panels, there was some news about the Legion of Superheroes Saturday morning cartoon on Kids WB, a look at the new Transformers cartoon (to which I say, “eh.”), a look at the new Spider-Man cartoon, the news that Superman would be appearing on The Batman on Kids WB, and of note to me – they aren’t able to use a few villians on The Batman because of movie issues…among those villians is Rhas Ah Ghul. Why does this stick out to me? Because he “died” in Batman Begins. I just wonder if he will be coming back thanks to a Lazurus Pit to help round out the Batman movie trilogy.

* Smallville introduced their Supergirl. Expect a flood of Summer of Smallville updates soon.

* There was also some Prince Caspian news.

Most of the people who went seem to think that this ComiCon lacked the awe factor of past Cons. Iron Man did end up being the highlight of the con with good reason. Ultimately, I still have a lot to catch up on from the con. As always, Geek Out Online will be the last with any updates from San Diego.

2 Responses to “Always The Last on the Scene

San Diego ComiCon Highlights”

  1. Big B Says:

    THe Lego Indy excites me to no end! THe Star Wars games were off the charts fun, so I can only imagine how much fun Indy will be.

    I also agree about the Transformers cartoon. Didn’t excite me much at all. Definitely not worth waking up on a Saturday morning. THe Spiderman cartoon didn’t feel much better. It felt almost too tongue-in-cheek which is a mistake people have made with Spidey before.

  2. jay Says:

    one of the highlights was the new release of bookwe had tons of people at our booth it was awesome

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