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The Dark Knight Teaser? Probably




Posted by Steve

I realize that I’m not much on breaking movie news, but I do know where to find things.  This is a video posted my someone on Youtube.  Now, the annual mecca of geekdom, the San Dieago Comic-Con, takes place this week and we have been told that the teaser trailer for the Dark Knight (The highly anticipated sequel to Batman Begins) will be debuted there.  This video looks nothing like what I was told the teaser would be, but it DOES look like whoever was filming this  was sitting in a screening room secretly filming this bad boy.  I don’t know.  If this is real, I was hoping for something a little more out of the teaser.  However, if it IS Heath Ledgers voice as the Joker, it sounds pretty good.  Here ya go…..

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  1. bighonkin Says:

    By the way…definitely a fake. But, one of the best I’ve seen. Click here for a despcription of the real teaser.

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