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No Comics Needed –

World War Hulk



Posted by Steve

So, what am I doing?  What does “No Comics Needed” mean? 

To put it short and sweet, I love comics and I’m broke.  So….I have to keep up with what’s going on with my favorite superheroes through podcasts, blogs, friends, and even wikipedia.

For a list of the blogs and podcasts I listen to so that I can keep up, check my blog roll. 

One of the events in comic books that I have been looking forward to for months now has kicked off:  World War Hulk.

Just for some background, and for those of you who may not be aware, the Hulk was off planet for about a year or so.  That’s right, The Incredible Hulk, going boldly where no man has gone before.

How does the Hulk become a spacefaring Jade Giant?  A group of heroes that call themselves the Illuminati got together and voted that they should get the Hulk off planet to try to curb the mounting support for the Superhero registration act.  The Illuminati consists of Reed Richards, Proffessor X, Dr. Strange, Namor, Tony Stark, and Blackbolt of the Inhumans. 

They tricked the Hulk into going into space to take care of a rogue satellite.  Once their, they launched his spaceship toward a distant planet where the Hulk could live out his days and cause harm to no one.  There was a navigational error though and the ship got swept into a wormhole and landed on a planet where there was a violent civil war going on. (Not Earth)  Through a series of events, the Hulk became a king on this planet.  He was married to a woman and was getting ready to enjoy a good life where he would be accepted and understood.  Then his ship blew up.  The explosion caused some damage to the tectonic plates of the planet and a chain reaction started that destroyed the planet. 

At this point, I’m not sure exactly what the Hulk did to get back to Earth, but get back he did.  On his way he stopped at the moon and kicked the snot out of Blackbolt.  Then he broadcasted to Earth giving civilians exactly 24 hours to evacuate New York where he wanted only Tony Stark, Nick Fury, and Reed Richards to be.

Let the war begin. 

As the Hulk landed, Tony attacked him in Hulkbuster armor.  In short, the Hulk won.   The other heroes (especially those still angry with Tony over the whole Superhero Registration Act) kind of just say back and let him get beat up.

This is (of course) a cross over event offered by Marvel, but I have to say it’s something I’ve looked forward to even more than the whole Civil War thing.  Anytime we get to see “Hulk Smash” (So to speak) I love it.   Especially now, I mean he lost his wife for crying out loud!  And one could make a valid point that it’s the fault of the Illuminati that he’s hurting as much as he is.

This also does a lot to help bring the Marvel Universe back to a good status quo.  While I like to see heroes go at it, I feel like Civil War left things in an unfixable way.  I don’t mind heroes being flawed, but I don’t like to see them completely devoid of morality or even just scruples and that’s what it feels like has happened to Tony Stark.   I don’t want to see the Hulk villified, but if his rampage can help redeem a hero, then I’m all for it.

This event has just started, but we will see how it unfolds.  I’m hoping that it has a more satisfying end than Civil War.  But, as I said, anytime we get to see some good Hulking out, I’m all for it.  So keep me updated. 

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